Finite Elemente Carbofibre° HD

April 24, 2020 // Dirk Sommer

I am lucky with my listening room: even without special damping, diffusers or absorbers it sounds pretty good. However, the interaction of the power amplifier with the tiled floor is anything but optimal: various types of coupling are very noticeable here. Does Finite Elemente’s Carbofibre° HD isolation base bring any further improvement?

According to Luis Fernandes, the autonomous Carbofibre° product line is intended to offer customers the possibility of achieving a significant sound enhancement for the installed equipment, even on surfaces such as sideboards, lowboards or the floor.

With the Carbofibre° HD a very solid bass foundation and the tremendously gripping groove are fortunately not in competition with each other. Thanks to its new supporting base, the Einstein amp swings up to top performance in both disciplines: It feels even more comfortable on the Carbofibre° HD.

In my listening room, Finite Elemente’s Carbofibre° HD helps the power amp to evolve richer timbres, more pressure in the lows, higher rhythmic accuracy and better definition. This one you shouldn’t miss!