FIDELITY (Germany) reviews pagode° MKII Carbon Edition

Next Level
The Finite Elemente Pagode Edition MK II may have earned a reputation as possibly the best hi-fi-rack on the market, but the Carbon Edition is an entirely separate level.

The Finite Elemente Pagode Carbon Edition removes itself from the musical event just like it does for any interference. The Finite Elemente Pagode Edition MK II already wowed us with its lack of character – an important discipline to master – but the manufacturer has gone to the next level with the Pagode Carbon Edition. It’s fully encased in carbon fiber composite material, making the structure even more rigid, which means that the rack can divert vibrational energy even more effectively. The Pagode Carbon Edition revealed all of the recording details at least as accurately, perhaps even more-so, however it sounded much more organic and natural. It’s the perfect partner for high-end systems for which only the very best will do.