Jochen Semler about Cerabase slimline

…during the weekend I finally got the Cerabase slimline mounted under my Trigon components. There’s only one thing I can say: a direct success! The improvement is even more noticeable than with the loudspeakers, especially with the integrated amplifier ‘Epilog’, a heavy-weighted 30kg whopper with two big-sized toroidal core transformers, which apparently cause a lot of vibrations, which are now being taken away by the Ceras. With the music server ‘Chronolog’ the improvement was also clearly audible, but not quite as resounding as with the amplifier, because the server is operated by a switching power supply. Both components featured an improvement in dynamics, three-dimensionality in the virtual stage and finest detail. Simply stunning!

[Jochen Semler, High End Audio Equipment ‘Made In Germany’, India]

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