Jochen Semler about his pagode° Edition MKII

Hello Mr. Fernandes,

please excuse my late reply with my impressions about the Pagode MKII Rack. The reason is that I sit practically every free minute in front of my equipment to rediscover my music collection. I would never have believed that an equipment support could have such an influence on the playback quality of a hi-fi system. It’s like having a different, better amplifier or speaker integrated into the system. While the Cerabase slimline under the amplifier and music server, and the Ceraball under the loudspeakers, have already improved the virtual stage and the fine dynamic events, i.e. more detail resolution, these improvements are now dramatically increased with the use of the Pagode Edition MKII Rack. In addition, what surprises and delights me most is an enormous improvement in the bass, which are now rendered really dry, slender and purified. The colourfulness and richness of detail within the low frequency range have also increased significantly.

All in all, this was a really worthwhile purchase, and I can really attest this rack the status as a component, since it enriches a high-end audio system with such a significant improvement in music quality. I want to thank you for making these great racks available again.

Best regards,

Jochen Semler