Out now: Cerabase B&W now also available for the 800er D3 series from Bowers & Wilkins

Precision and absolute naturalness characterize the sound of the new 800 D3 series from Bowers & Wilkins.
In combination with an outstanding audio performance these enthralling attributes are raised by the special Cerabase B&W D3 version to an impressive and refined level.

Cerabase B&W D3 highlights:

  • optimal integration in the plinth by means of a special thread adapter (the original wheels remain in place)
  • low installation height allows for subtle, but efficient sound tuning

Material: stainless steel, precision machined, 3 high-tech ceramic balls
Usable height: 40-50 mm
Dimensions: Ø 45 mm (top), Ø 70 mm (bottom)
Features: suitable for B&W 800D3, 802D3, 803D3 Diamond, infinitely height adjustable, attachable, supplied in high-quality wooden box