Roy Gregory, HIFI plus, England

Classical und jazz fared just as well, with string bass in particular, taking on a new life and vibrance, a sense of life and energy to go with ist new-found agility. The pizzicato strings at the beginning of the Barbirolli Tallis Fantasia took on more definite pitch und definition… They were also very successful under the Hovland HP100 valve preamp, introducing some welcome extra precision without diluting the overall musicality.

I’ve arranged a second set of CeraPucs in order to try them under speakers, which is I suspect their true calling – especially for those with polished wood floors. I’ll report further. However, in the meantime, if you are searching for extrafocus and transparency in your system along with a more secure dynamic und rhythmic foundation, these should be just the job.

[Roy Gregory, HIFI plus #37, England, February 2005]

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