Effortless neutrality

I like the new look of finite elemente pagode Signature MKII. Its clean lines and reassuring build quality, coupled with the sort of effortless neutrality and focus it brings to high-end equipment make it one of the obvious choices for top-notch audio systems.

Like the MKII Edition, there’s a improved transient response, although this is not in the same league as the Carbon Edition, finite elemente has clearly learned a few tricks in developing that platform. There is an improved dynamic range, a lower noise floor and a more actively neutral tonal balance. Used in the right context, pagode Signature MKII has a calming influence over good audio. Not that such audio is in any way ‘excitable’ but it manages to ‘chill out’ audio components all the same. It brings a much-needed sense of calm and order to this unruly world and the best audio is all the better for the degree of naturalness.